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Reviewed by: erodriguez on: 2014-08-27
Please delete this website if your name, address and phone numbers have changed. THANK YOU!!!!
Reviewed by: Patty V. on: 1/2/2014 12:36:41 PM
New owners,not as good. Big fire. Place is closed and does not look like they are coming back....
Reviewed by: R N. on: 12/10/2013 12:33:43 PM
First let me start out by stating that China Gate was the best restaurant in this area for Chinese Food. It has been a month and a half since the fire. I checked on-line to see progress as I craved for some Chinese. It appeared that the restaurant was up and running. I called the number and someone answered - I didn't receive the disconnect. I inquired if this was China Gate -- I was told yes. I proceeded to place my order. After I was done I was informed that they moved and are now operating out of Peking Restaurant on Grand in Franklin Park - they are sharing a business until they rebuild. When my husband went there to get the order 45 minutes later it was not even done. Even further, they wanted him to pay first. Upon doing so, they started to cook the order. Then the restaurant was cold - the cooks were wearing winter jackets! Upon placing the order, I was informed that China Gate was sharing business space - however, when we received our order it had a Peking Restaurant menu not China Gate. The sweet & sour shrimp was horrible! The sauce was just that --- sauce -- no pineapple, no green peppers -- nothing. The shrimp was even worse - it looked and tasted as if it was reheated and not fresh - and the Shrimp Kow was just as ghastly. In the end, we ate a little and we were both ill. Horrible! Be forewarned if you call China Gate - you will get Peking. The food is NOT the same even though they state they are sharing a business.
Reviewed by: Carmen B. on: 10/11/2013 4:18:35 AM
They've closed down. Has been for at least a week. Big orange sticker on the window which makes me wonder just how bad the kitchen was after the new ownership took over....
Reviewed by: Patty V. on: 6/22/2013 2:28:35 AM
Well,still better than any other Chinese place around,but,not what it used to be.Food is okay,lots of the unique items are gone,but good enough. Prices are still good,portions fine.Just not as wonderful.
Reviewed by: Matt R. on: 2/5/2013 12:47:00 AM
I've been eating here on a regular basis since it opened about 3 years ago. It had a change of ownership a couple months ago and service was a little lacking, but those issues all seem to be in the past as things have been pretty smooth over the last month. Food is good and the value is outstanding.
Reviewed by: william h. on: 1/30/2013 7:57:00 AM
don't know what anyone on here is talking about. this place is absolute trash, atmosphere, food. didnt even want to finish my food. and apparently there is no lunch menu anymore. would NEVER go back.
Reviewed by: Luis B. on: 10/28/2012 12:10:00 PM
Decent, but not my number one spot for Chinese in Franklin Park.I tried their Wednesday special of Kung Pao Chicken. It was extremely cheap, but wasn't a big fan of their rice or egg rolls.They were extremely nice and their service will probably warrant another visit. I noticed they have Orange Beef on the menu, so maybe that'll be a bigger hit with me.
Reviewed by: Mike s. on: 10/3/2012 5:11:00 AM
The food is always tasty and plentiful, we love the orange chicken and combination fried rice. The clam chowder isn't absolutely traditional but it is very good. Sometimes the wait staff forgets to bring tea but other than it's fine. You can get absolutely stuffed on good food, much better than the standard Chinese restaurant, and have leftovers for the next day.
Reviewed by: Oscar S. on: 8/24/2012 2:56:00 PM
Really have enjoyed my meals at china gate.Just found out they also serve Cajun Gumbo.Its pretty good!! Was disappointed that they're not serving crab claws and frog legs.But all the food Ive ever ordered here was fresh and really good.I make it a point to try a different dish everytime I come in.Today it was chicken gumbo and shrimp with green onions.Delicious!!!! Definetely recommend!!!
Reviewed by: Norah R. on: 6/6/2012 6:35:00 AM
If I could give them 6 stars I would! I love this place. Even if I didn't love the food Id still give it 5 stars for the customer service. The Owner is such a sweet man who never wants you to leave upset or unhappy with your experience. From all the times I have been here and ordered to go, Ive only had one bad experince with my order being messed up. But with out even a blink of an eye the owner came over and fixed it! You can't find a better run business ANYWHERE in this area, state, country... They have really good daily specials during the week. (Love their orange chicken!) Prices are so reasonable. Just a great place all in all. If you do have a big group i recommend calling ahead or taking to go because its a small seating area. But either way you will enjoy your experince from the food, to the staff!
Reviewed by: Brianna L. on: 1/26/2012 10:39:00 AM
At my house we had been craving Chinese we were going to order from Peking in Winston Plaza, but they were closed so after yelping I found this place! It was delicious and hit the spot! We ordered an order of eggrolls, crab rangoon, beef friend rice, sweet & sour chicken,and the schwan special. Oh yea and tea. Our total was $30 and some change.Eggrolls-mehh 1/5Crab rangoon-6/5Beef fried rice-3.5/5Sweet and sour chicken-3/5 the tomatoes could have been a bit more ripe and the peppers cooked just a lil bit.Schwan special-4/5Since we dined in we also got complimentary wonton chips and soups. The chips were good and the eggdrop soup was delicious, the shrimp gumbo was ok but I really wanted chicken, it wasnt complimentary though which doesnt make any sense. I will def be back next time im craving chinese. We even had majority of our food to take home for the nextdays lunch n maybe even dinner. Go and check it out!! I think you will leave full and happy.